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Charity by recycling clothes
Orange Thrifty assists Animal Refuge Kansai.

古着ー寄付:チャリティー01 Thank you for your donation! - Sum Total: JPY 4942.042 as of July, 2011 古着ー寄付:チャリティー01
Would you mind donating your clothes, bags, shoes you have kept at home but not used for a long time to support "Animal Refuge Kansai"
(What can be donated? Click here for detail)

Animal Rescue
Click here - Charity for “Animal Refuge Kansai”

Your donation of gently used clothes will help abandoned animals.

If you were a stray dog...
Who would help you?
If no one did,you might end up here ...

Over a million dogs and cats a year are killed in the gas chambers of the hokensho (pounds) throughout Japan

What’s ARK (Animal Refuge Kansai)?
Visit ARK website

ARK rescues abandoned animals.

For young and old are alike. All their animals are housed comfortably in spacious green surroundings. After health checks, vaccinations, neutering and micro-chipping…

More than 2000 ARK dogs and cats have found happy homes…

Items we can accept
Clothes Cleaned or washed
Kimonos Cleaned or washed
Shoes Not damaged
Bags Not damaged
Cloth Large to some extent
Accessories Not damaged
Non-used items
Non-used items
Book Not damaged. Magazines and encyclopedias are not acceptable.
Towel Non-used only
CD, DVD Playable. With case or jacket only. DVD-ROM, CD-ROM and Game software are not acceptable.
Pet-accessory Non-used only
Livingware Livingware and other consumable goods. Non-used only
School uniform Junior high / high scool, boys and girls. Other uniforms are not acceptable.
Others Please contact us at (078) 858-7090
Items we cannot accept
Bedding, blankets, furniture, electric appliances, underwear

How to donate goods?
Drop offs
Please bring your donation items to Orange Thrify, Rokkomichi, Kobe.

Please advise us which NPO your donations will contribute to, "Animal Refuge Kansai" or "Shimin Kikin Kobe".

"Orange Thrifty"
3-1-208 Nagate-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0027
TEL (078)858-7090
Hours: 11:00 - 20:00


By post
Please send your donation items to the following address. The shipping cost will be borne by yourself.

Please advise us which NPO your donations will contribute to, "Animal Refuge Kansai" or "Shimin Kikin Kobe".

After our receipt of your donations, we will give you our receipt confirmation call. (Japanese) Please fill out your name, address, your phone number on the invoice / consignment note. (If your phone nember is not on the invoice, our confirmation call will not be made.) If you do not require our confirmation call, please state so.

To: Orange Thrifty
Address: 3-1-208 Nagate-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0027
Tel: (078)858-7090

Only in the case of removal from neighborhood and the donations in large quantity, we could visit your house to take over the donation items. Your proposal might be declined depending on volume, distance,etc., so please contact us first.
Orange Thrifty
Tel: (078)858-7090 (Japanese)
Basically we accept only drop offs at our store, but if you could send your donation from a distant place with the shipping cost borne by yourself, we would be happy to receive them. Thank you for your cooperation. Further information about our charity activities.
System and procedure of our charity with recycled clothes

Why recycling? - Most of used clothes are not recycled and simply become "garbage". The disposal cost of those "garbage" is a part of tax expenses, which implies that we (the tax payers) indirectly bear such cost! Nowadays a large proportion of clothes are made of chemical mixed fiber, therefore, it is very difficult for many local governments to incinerate them. Most are buried in the ground instead. Orange Thrifty has been tackling such problems in a positive way to contribute to society. You may read the article about fabrics recycling in newspaper in this website. Article about fabrics recycling.(Japanese) We started the charity activity in cooperation with "Shimin Kikin Kobe" in 2004 and sum total of over 40 tons of used clothes have been donated (as of April 2007). We select items which can be sold at our stores or exported overseas. That is how we make best use of the donated items. In addition, we have just cooperated with "Animal Refuge Kansai" to be of assistance to the activity of rescuing animals.Your donations will be a great help to support the activities.

Orange Thrifty
TEL(078)858-7090 (Japanese)

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