Family Recycle Thrift Store
Orange Thrifty

Website of “Orange Thrifty”, close to JR Rokkomichi station, Kobe. We handle clothing items mainly and shoes, bags, accessories, etc. Orange Thrifty is modeled on thrift store in the United States, intending to provide good clothing at reasonable prices in local market. In addition, we support fund-raising of “Animal Refuge Kansai” for animal rescue and “Shimin Kikin Kobe” for various activities for local community.

Thank you for your donation! - Sum Total: JPY 4942.042 as of July, 2011
Family Recycle Thrift Store Orange Thrifty
3-1-208 Nagate-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0027
11:00〜20:00 (Thrid Wedneyday closed)

Only a minute walk from JR Rokkomichi station. Walk along JR line to the east. Orange Thrifty is next to the cycle parking lot

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