Family Recycle Thrift Store
Orange Thrifty

Charity by recycling clothes
Could you donate your clothes, bags or shoes you have kept at home but not used for a long time to assist the activities of "Animal Refuge Kansai" or "Shimin Kikin Kobe" ?
This page explains how to send us your donations.

Basically we accept only drop offs at our store, but if you could send your donation from a distant place with the shipping cost borne by yourself, we would be happy to receive them.

Click here for further information about our charity activities.

To: Orange Thrifty
Address: 3-1-208 Nagate-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0027
Tel: (078)858-7090

Please advise us which NPO your donations will contribute to, "Animal Refuge Kansai" or "Shimin Kikin Kobe".

After our receipt of your donations, we will give you our "Thank you" call which will be our receipt confirmation call also.(Japanese)

Please advise us of your name, address, your phone number and whether or not you will require our "Thank you" call when you send us your donations.

If you have any questions or opinions regarding Orange Thrifty or our charity activities, please contact below.

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